Testimonials from clients

 Having completed 7 Alexander sessions with Janet, I now sit and stand differently. I am more aware of how I move my body, and I feel more aligned. I experience a greater sense of being grounded and solid on the earth, freer, lighter, straighter. Janet is a compassionate, gentle listener and teacher. Her healing touch felt wonderful and soothing.

(Dale, retired social worker)

As Janet introduced me to the Alexander technique, she taught me how, with the right thinking strategies, I could begin to reverse bad habits I had developed in the way I held and moved my body. Through her clear explanations and the gentlest of physical guidance, she helped me become aware that habit had me unconsciously tensing muscles I didn’t need when doing simple everyday movements like sitting, walking and standing.

When I consciously let go of that tension, moving from one position to another and walking suddenly felt smoother and more relaxed. And as Janet assured me, letting go of muscles I didn’t need allowed my body to take over naturally. It didn’t need me to interfere by telling it to put my shoulders back or to stand up straight, for example. I felt a sense of lightness and calm as I moved. I began to stand taller comfortably which, I was amazed to discover, had the added benefit of giving me just the tiniest boost in self confidence.  After Janet’s introductory lessons, I definitely see the value in continuing instruction and plan do so until the new ways of moving become more automatic.

(Laura, retired school teacher)

It is such a great technique, I can’t believe how many shifts are happening. I do feel it in many joints, but I feel it is the whole body coming into harmony.  It is a great asset to my healing program.  Thanks so much, Janet, you hold a wonderful healing space.

(Pat, retired manager, complementary health centre)

 After taking five introductory sessions on the Alexander Technique with Janet, I feel I’m beginning to have a better awareness of how my own body works, how I move naturally to better serve my physical and mental needs. I’ve definitely become more aware of how and when I allow my body to react to certain stimuli in a negative way. These reactions would previously have gone unrecognized, but now I have the foundation that can move me towards a better, less stressed and discomfited self.

(Benjamin, actor and dancer)

Janet was incredibly helpful at (re)introducing me to the Alexander Technique. She was always willing to take the time needed to explain various exercises to me with great care, ensuring that I understood how and why we were doing them. Her open approach let me use this technique to my advantage both on and off the stage.

(Raina, Actor)