About Janet Wright


Before retraining as an Alexander Technique teacher, I was a music teacher (King’s School, Peterborough) and then Director of Music in secondary schools in Sheffield, and Ivybridge, Devon.  I am  a chamber musician (piano), orchestral player (cello), and ensemble singer.

I first took Alexander Technique lessons in the 1990s, looking for ways to manage, overcome, and eventually prevent, recurrent bouts of chronic lower back pain – this has proved completely successful. Through regular lessons I also discovered that the Alexander Technique is a powerful tool for musicians – and all performers – in overcoming nerves and stage fright, preventing injury during practice and performance, and increasing confidence and self-belief.

It seemed a natural step for me to undertake the three-year Alexander Technique teacher training programme, and I am a graduate of the Montreal School for the Alexander Technique, qualifying in June 2012.  I am registered with the CNHC as recommended by the NHS, and have a thriving practice in Cornwall and Devon.

To book a lesson or workshop, or to find out more information:

email: info@janetalexandertechnique.com or phone 01579 343160/07538 482 596