The Alexander Technique with Janet Wright

The Alexander Technique is a practical, well-established, and proven self-help method for relief from back, neck and shoulder pain.  It can help with other musculoskeletal conditions, and improve your general functioning and sense of wellbeing.

During a course of lessons I will guide you in finding ways of becoming better aligned –  both in movement, and in static positions – thereby greatly reducing unnecessary muscular effort and strain.  I also offer advice and tools regarding lifestyle and stress management, which apply equally to your daily and to your professional life.

My clients come from all walks of life:

  • People with bad backs/necks and shoulders, other  posture related conditions,   musculoskeletal injuries, RSI, fatigue, and respiratory problems
  • Actors and musicians wanting to overcome stage-fright, and improve their rehearsal techniques, performance, and stage presence
  • People whose professions demand awkward postures (dentists, computer workers, hairdressers)
  • People seeking to reduce their stress levels in their personal and professional lives
  • Sports people looking to improve their game
  • Senior citizens wishing to maintain good posture and flexibility into their later years
  • People seeking better control over their lives by becoming more self-aware
Please note that an Alexander Technique teacher does not diagnose illnesses or prescribe medical treatment, but will refer clients to fellow health professionals as appropriate.

My Alexander Technique practice is based in Merrymeet, Liskeard,  Cornwall.

To book a lesson, call on 01579 343160 / 07538 482596, or email